Gravity, all Female Art/Illustration Exhibition


Dani Loureiro

mariette-bergh - the keepers_

Mariette Bergh


Nina Torr
maaike_bakker - hot-as-day_

Maaike Bakker

tess-metcalf_columbiaTess Metcalfcassandra-leigh-johnson_girl-in-chair

Cassandra Leigh Johnson

Dani Loureiro, Cassandra Leigh Johnson, Tess Metcalf, Nina Torr, Mariëtte Bergh, and Maaike Bakker, together with Salon91, present an all-female illustration & multidisciplinary exhibition themed around the idea of ‘Gravity’, a natural phenomenon few have managed to escape. Playing on the idea of opposing gravity, defying it, and also being fascinated by it, the group intends to explore the polarities of destruction, inversion, and attraction. Utilizing a broad range of materials, ‘Gravity’ will be interpreted and expressed in ways unimagined up until now.

Wednesday 30 April – Saturday 24 May 2014

Salon91, 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town.


Play Play by Renee Rossouw & De Steyl

PlayPlay2014Group2-1DeliciousPink SidePlyBase - Play PlayYellow Dot Wheels - Play PlayLesotho White PlyBase - Play PlayPlayPlay2014 GreenChess Sides Wheels - Play PlayDelicious Pink SideWheels - Play Play


Play Play Pattern is a delicious new modular range that was launched at this year’s Design Indaba. The range is  the result of a collaboration between architect Deánne Viljoen from De Steyl Furniture Design and Manufacture and pattern designer Renee Rossouw of RR Studio Pattern Lab.

Play Play 2014 is a modular storage concept made from Birch Plywood finished in natural oil. The chests of different sizes has drawer boxes that are removable, interchangeable and reversible and is perfect for almost any use from lounge, bedroom, studio and office storage to kids furniture.

All units are available in a plywood base or with castors.

They deliver this range all over South Africa and you can request a pricelist with sizes from

Simon and Mary

Simon & Mary Milliners
Simon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & Mary MillinersSimon & MarySimon & Mary

I’ve been meaning to feature these Jo’burg based milliners for a while. It’s a story of tradition and craftsmanship. My kind of story.

“The milliner title has been passed down from generation to generation. Hats are in our blood, it is more than a clothing item, but rather a way of life.

Simon and Mary is a heritage brand established in 1935. The hat roots were first planted in South Africa when Mordechai Pozniak (Simon’s father) brought his cap factory from Poland to Johannesburg. 

Simon Pozniak eventually took the leading role in the company and grew it into one of Africa’s most renowned wool felt hat manufacturing plants. Simon’s wife Leah (whom he lovingly coined Mary after reading a novel) joined the business working alongside Simon and attending to all non-manufacturing needs. In 1973, Simon’s youngest son, Julian, eagerly entered the family business with Robert his oldest son joining in 1988. Today a fourth generation Pozniak, Dean, who entered the business in 2008, heads the brand & factory with the aim of continuing the legacy created by Simon.

Simon and Mary is based on a family bond within the hat factory. Using machinery bought in the 60’s and continuing the legacy created by the original milliner, Simon Pozniak.

Sam Bear Things by Samantha Strydom

Samantha Strydom Portfolio-1_Page_17Samantha StrydomSamantha StrydomSamantha StrydomSamantha StrydomSamantha StrydomSamantha Strydom

Handsome Things chatted to Samantha Strydom about her brooches, inspiration and the things she loves.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I love design, art, illustration, colours, patterns, pretty things, nature, knitting, painting, films, photography, animals, folk music, ballet, running, yoga, traveling and food.

I studied fine art at the University of Witwatersrand and majored in video art.

I work in the world of advertising as an art director at Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg where I work with the most amazing and inspirational people ever.

How did this side project get started?

I am a creative to the core. I am so happy when ever I am making something especially if it is something beautiful. I run a little business called Sam Bear Things where I make jewellery, do illustrations and knit dreamy bear hats for adults and kids. It started a few months ago when I realised I hadn’t made any art since I’d finished studying and that made me really sad. So I decided that had to change and I gave myself a long-term goal to be continuously creating something. I started making brooches and pendants from clay and painting them. They have become my tiny canvases that I can fill with anything I want to and that makes me really happy.

Local creatives/makers you admire?

A few local people who I admire are Dear Rae jewellery, Skinny laMinx and Skermunkil.

Modern Stranger

couple - modern strangerhome - modern strangerflowers - modern strangerparadise - modern stranger

I love these scatter cushions by the new decor brand Modern Stranger.  Photographer Carla Erasmus used found photography depicting nostalgic images of everyday domestic and landscape scenes.

Products currently range from scatter cushions to the newly released linen bed throws. The scatter cushion designs consists of photographic prints on hemp fabric with goose feather inners.

Modern Stranger is currently available to order online on their Facebook page:

Stockists include Haas & Present Space.

Joh Del Illustration

Joh_Del_RabbitTail Joh_Del_SnakeAndSkull12_800 Joh_Del_Traveller_1 JOH_DEL_TravellingIsland_800 Joh_Del_TreeOfLife Joh_Del_windmill ParrotPrintWeb_800 SnakeAndTheSkullCover

The ridiculously talented Johan de Lange – Joh Del – is a South African illustrator living in London. He has the ability to create whimsical worlds filled with strange and magical creatures. And if you’re in London next week, 26 March, you can visit some of these worlds at his Travelling Island exhibition at The Things We Love (245 Hoxton Street N15LG London).

Find exhibition details here.

If you’re not in London you can still buy a selection of his prints on his website


beertjie by skraalboner by skraalconehead by skraalskraal - irskraal.compeckerhead skate board by skraalpeckerhead skate by skraalpeckerhead by skraalthom by skraalthom by skraal


So in all these years I’ve never featured the dude I’m married to, Paolo Grippa, aka Slim, aka Skraal. But with his birthday coming up I thought that, even though he’ll protest, I’ll do what his mom usually does whenever people visit, I’ll show off of his work.

Slim is a commercials director at Egg Films and he’s also a constant doodler. He’s always drawing, carving, molding or creating something, usually scary things. I reckon it’s that music he listens to.

If you’d like to see more of his scary things  check out his website:



Illustrator Isaac Kosmides

Isaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac KosmidesIsaac Kosmides

Handsome Things chatted to illustrator Isaac Kosmides about his background, exhibitions and inspiration.

I studied at Vega back in 2003, but otherwise haven’t had any formal artistic training; I’ve just always had a passion for sketching and illustration. I am a creative boy, so have always had a leaning toward it professionally, by day I’m a textile & homeware designer, and also a features writer for Spliced Magazine (”

Inspirations – there are so many to choose from. The upsurge in local talent is amazing. Fresh and fluid and ingenuitive. Though the best thing I’ve seen most recently was a multi-coloured crayon scribble by my 2 year old nephew; when I asked him what it was, he said it was ‘a birthday‘.”

The exhibition was held last September at King Kong in the Joburg CBD, titled ‘Feral‘ which I did as a two-hander with Lauren Schlachter on the often blurred lines between gentility and the animalistic in human nature. We’ve both got a love of the subject, as well as inherent leanings towards the mythological, so the pairing was most serendipitous. The show was curated by The Brr.”

You can see more work on his blog:

Other Dust by Andrew Sutherland

The-General - Andrew SutherlandJapanease-reader - Andrew SutherlandHair - Andrew SutherlandCrow - Andrew Sutherland

In 2008 Andrew Sutherland entered the art scene in Cape Town, having his first group show at Salon 91, followed soon after with a solo show in early 2009.

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection in Cape Town will once again present a solo exhibition of his paintings & illustrations titled ‘Other Dust’. 

Andrew’s latest body of work has been created almost entirely by referencing his growing collection of archival photographs, postcards and memorabilia.

The idea behind extracting elements found within these references has been to create new stories from old worlds.  This “Other Dust” shows us the interesting history and practices of documented cultures and civilizations from around the world.

Other Dust is a tribute to the old world and all its wonders. It admires adventure and discovery and exposes strange traditions and values.

All the works on display were made in Taiwan, where Sutherland has been living and traveling for the last 1-½ years. His exposure to Eastern culture has certainly played a part in the development in this series. His exposure to different ways of living and practices has helped shape this body of work.

Wednesday 28 May – Saturday 21 June 2014

Broken Foot Drawings

FLYERScream + Koos GroenewaldGun  + Koos GroenewaldSNAKE  + Koos GroenewaldSkate  + Koos GroenewaldSKULL  + Koos GroenewaldDOG  + Koos GroenewaldAim + Koos GroenewaldSpiderwoman + Koos Groenewald

The very talented Jo’burg based creative Koos Groenewald has a brand new social media exhibition coming up. It’s such a fresh and interesting way of selling art and it’s hopefully a trend we’re going to see more of in the future.

Broken Foot Drawings is an Instagram exhibition of 22 original ink and watercolour artworks/illustrations for sale at 18:30 on Tuesday the 11th February.

The rules are simple – Follow @Koooooos (six o’s),  first person to comment and #SOLD and their email address on each new post is the new owner. If after 24 hours I haven’t gotten email response from the first buyer, the sale goes to second person to comment. So it’s worth trying even if you aren’t first.

Artworks will can be collected at a location, TBC, or sent to buyers if they are outside of  JHB.

Nicci Martin Illustration

Nicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin IllustrationNicci Martin Illustration

As an ex-lecturer at Vega, I’m sure many of you have met the gorgeous and super-talented Nicci Martin. Nicci lives in Jo’burg with her Creative Director husband Mike Martin (Ogilvy) and her two beautiful daughters Chloe and Olivia.

When she’s not sprinting between the girls’ ballet and swimming classes Nicci illustrates, designs and handcrafts the loveliest things. She has illustrated everything from  music album art to perfume packaging, a children’s book and she’s even created characters for an animated film.

You can see more of her work on her website:

You can also join her facebook page here or buy some of her illustrations from Hello Pretty.


zana1 ZanaPhoto by Lindie Meyer.


Zana, is a fresh and fun home decor brand, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Zana was born out of a love for textiles, creating & online. We are obsessed with colour, fun, symbols, typography and pattern.

We have a new studio in Woodstock where we do some of our own screen printing, sewing, testing, packaging, making and many other things dreams are made of.”

You can buy their products online.