Abby + Ross

We chatted to Vicky Ross, the owner of Abby & Ross in Parkwood about her charming shop.

“I started the shop in 2008 as joint venture with the owners of Park Cafe next door, Ian and Ro Ziervogel.  My sister and I owned Polish Nail Spa across the way in the Parks Shopping Centre and we all thought that it was essential to fill the vacant store opposite us that felt like an uninviting black hole.

Sourcing beautiful and interesting things is a passion of mine. The store has evolved somewhat – Ian and Ro are no longer involved and we’ve moved away from clothing, which we stocked for a while, to gifting, decor and books for adults and children.

I try and stock interesting handmade and local design. But I do have a certain aesthetic and insist on good quality so I do find myself being fairly selective.

Currently we stock some lovely local kids’ ranges – Mu & Me, Lou Harvey and Rene Russo’s hand painted wooden dolls. Seasonally we also stock dolls by Gwen loves Harold and Koop Design’s charming knitted dolls. We have also recently started stocking some lovely children and babies’ shoes by Love Generation.

Hand painted ceramics by Mia Widlake and quirky kitchen ceramics by Heavenly Earth are some local home goodies.

I have a soft spot for paper goods and stationery and am very grateful that I have come across some real local talents like Steve and Telri from Paperjet, Tatum Cochrane from Soulshine Cards and great distributors and printers like GLMS cards and Planet Press that facilitate greeting card design by the likes of Tori Stowe and Jesse Breytenbach and Heather Moore respectively.

Beautiful letterpress cards and artworks by Essie Letterpress will also be available in store over the course of the next few weeks.

What is exciting is that many of our suppliers are expanding their ranges and working with us to provide exclusive products to us.

So watch this space for exciting new items.”

Lower Ground Floor (below Woolies)
The Parks Shopping Centre
Corner Jan Smuts & Wells Avenue

Tel: 011 477 7953


4 thoughts on “Abby + Ross

  1. Hey, so awesome to see my ceramics in your post on Abby and Ross! Thanks. I’ll send you some pics of the new dishcloths that I’ve just printed, they should be edged and ready to sell soon. X Mia

    • Fantastic, thanks Mia! You’re on our list of people to feature! We’d love to do an artist profile. Will contact you.

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