South Africa in fabrics

Design Team is a textile design business focusing on the design, print and conversion of South African inspired textiles. Contemporary, topical designs form the basis of our fabric collections, rather than the already well represented ethnic approach. Emphasis is placed on quality and uniqueness of design, keeping in touch with global trends and design styles.

We (Amanda Haupt and Lise Butler) initiated a business concept as part of our B.Tech degree studies in Textile Design and Technology, which we completed Cum Laude at the end of 2000 at the Tswane University of Technology.

Design Team is driven by the satisfaction that comes from creating beautiful fabrics that enhance interiors and garments. Our country offers inspiration through the vibrancy of a city heartbeat, the colours of a multitude of landscapes, the beauty of diverse cultures and the richness of its people. An open minded approach to the challenges we face, result in enhanced creativity and the generation of meaning and beauty through design.

For specific enquiries on fabric collections, design services or printing options contact Lise or Amanda on:
Telephone: 002712 653 1973
Or mail us at:


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