Artist profile: Meet Mia Widlake

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“I’m a maker. That pretty much sums me up. I never stop. Even when I was tiny I would make clothes for my dolls on this dinky little sewing machine that I don’t even think had a needle. My family have become so accustomed to me dragging something random looking home to revive or reinvent. I’m never without my toolbox or a paintbrush in my hand. My husband has even taken to buying me power tools for birthdays and christmas.

I’m a commercial stylist by day and a maker of things by night. I have two small kids that keep me laughing and very busy, I try to encourage creativity in them so we are always trying new things, the last project was a series of bits copper pipes and elbows that got contorted into a thousand different variations (makes a beautiful candle stick).  With my job involving a lot of sourcing of stuff and riding around jhb, I’m always finding interesting things (well I think they are interesting). I’ve got a very bad junking habit, that threatens to take over my house! Above are some pictures of something that I’ve been trying to get off the ground for years. My love for the kitchen, fabric and typography all combined in a dishcloth. Still in phase one, hopefully scarves, cushions, aprons, more ceramics and a load of other things I can think of to follow. I would love to collaborate with other artists to make limited edition items for a charity,  so I might call on you to help me find a suitable match.”

Find new developments as they happen on Mia’s beautiful blog For more pics of her stuff go to her website
Thanks Mia!

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