Artist Profile: Meet photographer Carla Erasmus

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Cape Town based photographer Carla Erasmus tells us more about her photography, influences, cameras and love of expired film.

“I have been living in Cape Town since 2009, originally born and raised in Durban. I studied  fine arts at the university of Pretoria. My fourth year I focused on documentary photography, all digital. From there on I moved to Amsterdam to work as freelance photographer for a year, in 2008 and found my love for film photography in Europe.

I now live in Tamboerskloof and I work as a gallery assistant and freelance photographer.

I have been shooting with mostly film, using beautiful old cameras and expired film dating back to 1995. This is how I get my over-saturated colouring in the images. No photoshop is ever used in my work. Not against it, but don’t need it, I get everything I need from my film.

I shoot mostly  with my Yashika, Voigtlander and  Brownie camera.

I don’t necessary see myself as a photographer, but rather as a fine artist, using my photography as medium. So favourite artists vary from Cy Twombly,  Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Diane Arbus, Marlene Dumas to name but only a few. Painting and photography are my biggest interest.”

See more of Carla’s photography on her blog:

Thanks Carla!


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