Artist Profile: Meet photographer Retha Ferguson

Where do you live?
I moved to Cape Town eight months ago and I no longer remember where I came from.

How did you get into photography?
I studied fine arts and I realised the pictures I take of my drawings are better than the drawings themselves.

Film or digital?
Digital. I’d like to do some work in the darkroom again, does anyone know of a cheapskate darkroom facility in Cape Town?

Do you have pets?
I had a dog when I was 10. He ripped all my clothing to pieces in the most loving way you can imagine and did the same to the jersey my aunt knitted for him.

If you could invent a new swear word what would it be and what would it mean?
I haven’t invented any swear words recently. But a few days ago I invented “awky” which is a way to say okay awkwardly. Swearwords are relevant to my interests though.


It was incredibly hard picking only a few photos to feature, there are way too many great ones. Check out the rest of Retha’s photography and illustration on her website:

“Awky” then, thanks Retha! (We’ll make your word part of the the Handsome Things lexicon, maybe it’ll catch on. Then you can copyright it, put it on T-shirts, make tons of money and build your own dark room)


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