Dustin Holmes, the other great Holmes.

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The first time I came across Dustin’s work was when someone sent me this cool video Greg Davies from Cardinal Design shot of Dustin screen printing.  If you haven’t seen it, have look:

This is what Matt Kieser form www.aficionado.co.za had to say about him:

“Dustin Holmes aka ARTISAN, is a kid from Durban making his mark on the local art scene.

He’s got people around Durban taking down their ‘conventional’ art pieces at home, and replacing them with colourful/edgy and beautiful gig posters. The other great thing is that these prints aren’t mass printed out of some printer. Each poster is screen printed by himself, in his little studio overlooking the city of Durban.”

Dustin was kind enough to send us some pics and a pretty cool self-portrait (wait  for it in the slide show, trust me, it’s worth it).


If anyone has any screen-printing/illustration/design needs feel free to contact him: dustinholmes@hotmail.com

Yes, blimey, it’s a hotmail address, they still exit!

Thanks Dustin!


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