Fashion on Friday: Friend or Foe

Dominique Sarah Benton tells us more about their offbeat new label:

“Being a creative in Cape Town is quite tricky. There is a lot of unmentioned politics happening here. Who is cool, who knows who, etc. I’ve found it difficult to be accepted as a fine artist and get work or gain more experience. The market is saturated with cutesy kitsch pop design.

So my fiance and I decided  to start this label. Friend or foe. I have been struggling since my graduation to secure any form of permanent employment, and so decided to make a label that not only commented on the who is a friend or a foe within Cape Town and the industries, but to produce just that type of work that sells “cutesy kitsch pop designy things,” hoping that its aesthetic and commercial value would bring in the interest of a larger audience, at the same time making the audience aware of the double meaning behind the label’s name.

We were running behind in production schedule. We had planned to have products for summer, shorts, t-shirts etc. and as it goes within the industry, getting your CMT or pattern makers to deliver on time is nearly impossible. So we decided to launch with a knitted range, in time for winter. We are also working on some Hoody designs originally conceptualized to work as stage costumes for ph fat. I still need to finish these off and see if they like the final product.

I also did the Parowphernalia clothing range for Jack Parow – conceptualized, designed, sourced fabrics, CMT and illustrated it.

Our values are to treat other creatives and customers with kindness and respect, to get orders done on time and to have a good work ethic.”

The great photos above were taken by Clare Foxcroft Williams – have a look at more of her photography here or join her facebook page here.

Below are some of Dominique’s illustrations. See more of her artwork on her blog.
Thanks Dominique!
Join the Friend or Foe Facebook page folks and stay fashion’s friend.

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