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Johannes Gutenberg invented letterpress printing in the mid-15th century and today it’s still getting its press on (it’s like getting your freak on, but with heavy machinery) on a farm in Citrusdal. Vanessa from Essie Letterpress tells us more.

Essie letterpress is a husband and wife design and print team, living and working on a beautiful flower farm close to Citrusdal. All of our work is custom designed – we work closely with our client to achieve a look that they are happy with.

We do mainly wedding invitations and wedding stationery (menus, programmes, thank you cards, seating tags etc), but also have a small but expanding range of notecards that we supply to a few shops in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. We also love doing personalised stationery and baby announcements, which seem to be something which people in South Africa are finally getting into.

All of our work is printed individually on a manually operated 1964 German Proofing Press. The letterpress punches the designs into the paper creating a beautiful relief not achieved with other kinds of printing. A clean, crisp look is achieved that can be both seen and felt. The cards have a handcrafted feel to them, which makes them different to cards printed on a more modern printing machine. Letterpress is a time and labour intensive process, but it is also a real labour of love for us.

We have a lot of exciting ideas in the pipeline, some of which include calendars and a range of kiddies artwork.

Have a look at their site:

Thanks Vanessa!


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