Lyall Sprong and Marc Nicolson tell Handsome Things a bit more about their designer-maker consultancy Thingking.

We are based in Woodstock. We make and design things. This extends to client work, but also consists of furniture type objects. These furniture type objects usually have a strong conceptual underpinning because we want to push things a little bit.

We try to make things that are responsive to context, they are more about asking questions and questioning ways of thinking. In 25 people make 25 halos we look at the relationship one has with objects that are produced by people you never usually have contact with. (Read more about this project here)

In the Bracket lamp project we looked at the ideas of value surrounding an object and subsequently how likely one is to re-create or modify that object. This project is being documented here.

There are many other thoughts that resulted in the Bracket Lamp project, but the above kind of gives the essential. I think that we are inspired by possibilities for the future and the feeling one gets when you uncover an assumption or inherited idea.

There is also quite plainly a joy in making things.

For more interesting projects, check out their website.

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