Freddy Sam was here (and here, and here)

From time to time someone like Ricky Lee Gordon comes along who is just so talented and involved in so many projects that we simply can’t squeeze it into one post. So we’ll spread this one over two posts. First we’ll introduce you to the artist and his work. In post number two we’ll feature his wonderful initiative called Write on Africa (A community art and inspiration project where they create murals and workshops in poor communities to uplift and inspire social change) and we’ll regularly keep you posted on some of the exhibitions on at his  gallery in Woodstock  A word of Art

I am 26 years old; I am an Artist and Curator. It is my intent to inspire, through art.


This is my two grandfathers’ names put together and the name I have given myself to represent me as an artist. I have been painting murals on the street for over 12 years and it is the core reason for my humility and respect for art. Painting on the street for the everyday man is an experience and satisfaction that I feel can not be replicated by any other art-form. It is my intention to explore my community and surroundings using public art as a tool to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life as I am more interested in the experience than the result.

He was selected as one of Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans for 2011 and he also hosts an international artist residency programme. (To feel like less of an underachiever I tell myself that the days are longer in Cape Town in the summer, so they naturally have more time to excel down there. There’s also more oxygen.)

If you’re in CT be sure to check out the WE ARE BEAUTIFUL LOSERS party at A word of Art. (If you mention you’ve heard about this on Handsome Things he’ll pop a few of you on the guest list.)

Thanks Mr. Gordon, I’d like you to know that I have (single-handedly) taught my two dogs to sit-stay, now beat that.

(photo credit: Derek Smith – check out his Flickr page for more)


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