I was shot in Jo’burg – helping street kids make a living from photography

I’ve been seeing people tagged on Facebook in the I’ve Been Shot in Jo’burg albums, but I never knew exactly what it was about until I saw their stall at the Market on Main this past Sunday and had a chat to Bernard Viljoen. I was blown away.

I was shot in Joburg is a business venture which was established to provide a platform for former street kids who received photography training through the iwasshot Foundation (NPO).

The children receive 6 months of basic photography training and they use disposable cameras to document their immediate environment. In this case Hillbrow. This culminates in an annual exhibition. From there they receive more in-depth digital photography and computer training for another 6 months. Once they have completed the year they can join the I was Shot brand and start generating their own income.

The cool thing is YOU can book these photographers for your next event and help them make a living from their newly acquired skill.

Other ways to help: + Buy a canvas print from the collection. + Buy the iwasshot T-shirt. + Order your iwasshot photo online – www.iwasshot.co.za + Attend their exhibitions (mail them to get on the mailing list). + Or simply donate to their foundation to support future projects with street children.

For more information contact Bernard Viljoen info@bernard.co.za

Wow. Great work guys.


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