Head on Design by Joanna Orr

An ironic twist on the hunting trophies we as South Africans love, or loathe. From her studio in Cape Town, Joanna Orr has explored this concept by creating wall-mounted African animal sculptures, all of which exude an Afro-chic elegance.

The pieces come in leather, which offers a wide range of colours, or a white recycled board for those who appreciate the full irony as well as its eco-friendly nature.

Joanna has now started working with local artists to create a new range of sculptures painted in a style that is typically embracing of current African trends; an exciting collaboration that she hopes will continue to evolve. “Jozi2,” painted by Sharon Boonzaier, was inspired by the bustling city of Jo’burg, its architecture and diverse culture. Some of the works are painted on canvas and printed on the sculpture, as seen in Claudia Gurwitz’s “Coral Tree”.

Animals currently available are the kudu in big and smaller sizes, the buffalo and the sable antelope. Sculptures come assembled or flat-packed. Commissions are welcome as well as Joanna, a designer by trade, spent many years living overseas, mostly in the East, and has come back to a creatively more dynamic Cape Town. She is here to stay.

For more information have a look at her website: http://www.headondesign.co.za/

Thanks Joanna!


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