The Disposable Diaries

Luca Vincenzo keeps a diary by capturing his life on film. And what a colourful life he leads. He tells us a bit more about the parts that are not caught on film.

The disposable diaries is the title of my on-going photo journal or photo blog or photo diary or whatever they are called.

I am an aspiring art director from Cape Town and I started bitoCREATIVE as a production company for my endeavours into video (see the film reel and photography.

Otherwise, my current project is Monarch Mountain Records (no web links yet), a music label and sound design company, with TeeJay from coffeestainedvinyl ( and the band New Holland. Our record label is looking to work with some brilliant new acts from South Africa, most notably Holiday Murray and

Also, my day job is presenting a daily radio show on 2OVfm (, a new digital radio station broadcasting from Cape Town.

In my spares, I share things that are nice to look at or listen to on a blog

Thanks Luca!


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