Retro reproductions inspired by Mad Men

We featured Nadia van der Mescht from Cupcake Couture a while ago and we’ve recently discovered that her dad and husband are just as talented as she is. They own a company called Woodnewz that specialize in custom carpentry and design.

They’ve created this range of retro reproductions that draw inspiration from Mad Men and movies such as The Apartment and Lover Come Back.

The business, which has its roots in family heritage, was established in 1995. Founder, Thinus Jonker, learnt his trade from his father who did woodwork and restoration as a hobby. Tools and skills were passed from father to son and Thinus has in turn shared his knowledge with his son-in-law, Daniel. Together they create, design and craft.

Have a look at their website to see more of their classic and contemporary pieces.

Thinus:  082 5796574


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