The man behind (or rather on) the bikes

We featured Starling and Hero a while back and this time Emile shows us some new bikes, introduces to his cat Lakai and tells us a bit about himself.

“My name is Emile and I completed an Honors Degree in Photography in 2008. I love taking pictures. I enjoy the colours. Unfortunately somebody stole my camera. I now own Starling & Hero Bicycle Company and I restore old steel bicycles. We refer to these restorations as Upcycles. I would love to see more people riding their bicycles to the shops, for fun or just generally everywhere. I work from my workshop in a small town in the Vaal area, but we will probably move soon. I have a cat called Lakai and she can be pretty ferocious at times. I enjoy good beer and an awesome braai on a Friday. Ron Swanson is my hero.”

To get your own beautifully upcycled S&H bicycle contact Emile on +27 82 799 6906 or

Or have a look at their new site

Thanks Emile!


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