Dark horse

Interior designer Lise du Plessis recently opened her beautiful designer furniture and wholesale apparel shop in Tamboerskloof. Dark Horse not only stocks all locally made designs it also aspires to be as eco-friendly as possible. Lise tells us a bit more about her background, her ‘handmade with love’ ethos and her little black-beard blue coloured shop.

I am originally from Johannesburg. It has been an interesting place to grow up, there is so much drive and energy there. I’ve been sketching and making artworks ever since I could pick up a pen. I always knew I wanted to be a designer of some sort, I think it was Wallpaper magazine that convinced me to go into Interior design specifically.

 I studied for a degree in Interior Design at Greenside Design Center before working in the field (I spent most of my working years with Sarah Watermeyer in Newtown JHB and learnt a lot from her).

 After that I lived in the UK for a year and a half where I tried to absorb in all the beautiful architecture and design before travelling around Europe for a bit and being absolutely blown away! I’ve vowed to travel as much as I can now as I find it so inspirational.

 When I moved to Cape Town I continued working in Interior Design and started designing small and simple furniture pieces for our home in Tamboerskloof. I enjoyed furniture design so much that I wanted to include it in my career and so I spent every spare moment and all my savings on developing the designs until I had enough to start the shop.

 The shop is on 83 Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof. It’s a sweet little old house that is rather neglected and very dusty but we love it. We painted the interior black-beard blue, covered the walls with recycled tyre rubber tiles and put up the little timber floating shelves ourselves. It seems to fit our ‘handmade with love’ style perfectly.

 Everything in the shop is made locally. We sew all the apparel up in our workshop at the back. We use eco-friendly materials in most of our designs – recycled tyre rubber, hemp, we re-use scrap materials that would have been discarded elsewhere. Our business cards and swing tags are made with Growing paper that sprouts snap dragon and Alyssum flowers when you plant them.

We are working on new products for the store all the time – pop in to have a look soon!  The latest include some colourful wool and hemp poufs, scarves, belts and dark horse book ends

 We are also going to start an online store soon and courier Dark Horse products all over South Africa in the near future.

Fantastic, please keep us posted!

t:  (021) 423 8149

a: 83 Kloofnek Road, Cape Town

w: www.dark-horse.co.za


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