The Magical online world of Rosalind Stockhall



It’s not often that you come across an utterly engaging website that feels like a whimsical online playground. Well the talented web designers at Pulling Rabbits have achieved just that with their website for illustrator Rosalind Stockhall. Lee tells us a bit more about their process and their client.

The site design, as well as the work it advertises (the portfolio of our client, illustrator Rosalind Stockhall), required an immense amount of craftsmanship in the form of a year of conceiving, collaborating, collecting, cutting & coding. This website was a labour of love for us, and born of the true magic of creative collaboration with our client.

 Our client, Ros, creates colourful characters and enchanting scenarios out of a massive collection of paper fragments – by method of highly detailed and labour-intensive collage. It is this world and this creative process that the website celebrates: the site’s structure and design are based directly on Ros’s studio, tools and box of characters which have come to life (by way of Flash animation).

 The visitor is invited to play with the characters and get lost in the imaginative detail, much in the way that a child would. This perspective is used to attract and amuse people who appreciate the beauty and limitless imagination of childhood – children and adults alike, as well as children’s book publishers seeking authentic and beautiful illustrations.

Ros graduated in 1992 at the University of Stellenbosch as a Graphic Designer, and later returned to study in 2003 to complete an honours degree in Illustration. Currently, she works full time as an illustrator and lectures part-time at the Academy of Design and Photography in Stellenbosch.  When not working hard, she can be found camping or on Safari.

Ros has a HUGE collection of papers that inspire her. Some of these papers are made, others are found in magazines or old books. She searches for interesting shapes, colours or textures as starting points to the characters, then cuts the paper and begins to build the images.

Have a look at the website here.

Or check out some other work by Pulling Rabbits here.

Thanks Lee!




3 thoughts on “The Magical online world of Rosalind Stockhall

  1. FANTASTIC interactive website that wants you to play for hours and wish you had the Artwork in your house, like I do!! hee-hee!

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