The future of Product Design

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the rising stars of product design in South Africa. They’re all still in college (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and they’ve already developed products that instantly sell out. Let me introduce you: Above you’ll find SMAC Harry, which is made up of four budding creatives – Stefan Fourier, Andre Solomon, Catherine Hutton-Squire and Marten Feiter.

Combining functionality and chic design, SMAC Harry manufactured and produced two shelving units suitable for the home or the office. Inspired by mid-century Art Deco the units use colour and texture to bring a playful edge to the entrance hall.

They’ll again be available from Vamp in Woodstock from July (the first batch flew off the shelves and sold out completely).

Lucas Adams, a 3D Design (product design) student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), recently designed for a brief that required him to produce a dining-room chair using reasonably sustainable materials.

The result that followed was the Sessio (latin for seat) chair.

“The design started off by playing around with a few primary shapes with the aim of achieving a unique form which I had not seen before. In my scamping, I came up with the idea of supporting a person by using a ‘grabbing’ like form – try making a C figure with your hand. During the conceptual stage I didn’t have a material in mind, but I had just become acquainted with James Hannah of JBH Design who specializes in metals, this later influenced my decision to work with mild-steel, something which I had never done before.

The concept revolved around a design that would be of a bespoke nature, but would use standardized industrial methods that wouldn’t result in a complicated manufacture process. I really enjoyed working with metal during the process. It’s got a very honest appeal to it, and best of all it will stand the test of time, which means if your designing for this material, your piece is guaranteed to stick around for a while! This design is my first semi-professional furniture piece, and I really enjoyed the entire experience from early conceptual, to final development.”

Lucas’ beautiful photography was done by Eeden La Grange.

Check out his blog for some product design inspiration.



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