Wesley van Eeden in Finland

Wes Van Eeden attended a Proartibus artist residency in Finland from April to July 2011. “The Pro Artibus Foundation is an independent organisation affiliated with the Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland. Its main mission is to promote visual arts in all parts of the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland.”

He’ll be continuing the project in South Africa and if you’d like to be interviewed and used as reference for a painting you can send him an email at hope.projects@gmail.com

Hope Project aims at producing illustration for Advertising, Animation, Editorial, Branding, Identity, Typography and Apparel with a positive force. Our work has been used by clients internationally for a wide range of commercial work and exhibited worldwide on various exhibitions.

Our work is best described as positive and uplifting and we would like to work with clients that share the same vision for a better world.”

So if you have an idea or a project get in touch by dropping them an email.

Also check out the Hope Project’s Online shop for great limited edition prints, artwork and T-shirts.

You can read more about the art residency on his blog.


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