Bow peep

Bow Peep is an adorable handmade accessories brand established in early 2011 by Leila Badsha. She’s got a brand new online store so go have a look. But before you go, let’s poke around in Leila’s head.

Howdy Leila, please tell us more about your background.

I don’t have any formal training in the creative arts (unless high school art counts) but I have always enjoyed making my own accessories and I was brought up in a family which appreciates art and crafts. My father is a photographer and my grandfather was an artist so creativity was always encouraged.

I have a bachelors degree in politics and sociology and a post grad qualification in marketing from UCT. After completing my studies in 2009 I  worked as a marketing intern at various companies and organizations. I also do some freelance social media marketing. I started Bow Peep at the beginning of this year because you don’t get much of an opportunity to be creative while working in an office and I started making things in the evenings and on weekends.I started working full time on my business at the beginning of June.

Who are some of your favorite SA artists/designer/artisans?

I really admire Heather Moor of Skinny la Minx as she has grown her brand into a successful and internationally recognized business. There are too many South African artists who’s work I like but some of my favourite photographers are Chris Ledochowski, Liam Lynch and David Goldblatt.

Your favourite shop/restaurant/haunt in Cape Town?

My Favorite shop in Cape Town has to be Mr Fabric in Wynberg, they have the best fabric. I always walk out after spending ages chatting to the shop assistant and after spending way more money than I intended. My favourite place and my favourite thing to do in Cape Town is to spend a Saturday morning at the Milnerton Market, I love the feeling of finding something cool and getting a bargain.

Where can we buy your handmade things?

I sell my products online and from the Field Office in Cape Town but hopefully I will find other retailers around the country soon.

Thanks Leila! Okay, now you can go and have a look at her blog and online shop. Go.

Photos by Christine Watters.


3 thoughts on “Bow peep

  1. To the person whose comment I’ve just deleted, this site is about celebrating South African artisans. It might be an utopian ideal, but I’d like everything to be in that spirit. I don’t want it to become a platform for other debates. If you look at our ‘About’ page you’ll see that we believe in making Macrame Owls not war. I hope you can respect that.

    If you have any comments or queries I suggest you contact the artist directly.

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