Fashion Photographer Theunis Stofberg

I stumbled upon this quirky fashion shoot by Theunis Stofberg. Theunis lectures Fashion Photography at Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion and Design and he’s currently busy with his Masters in Photography at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

“Driven by a search for excellent photos and photographic opportunities, Theunis Stofberg is inspired by his love of fashion photography and a sense that in order to be an exceptional fashion photographer you need to understand fashion. His discerning eye and passion are evident in his photos where the setting and ambiance complement the fashion. Theunis’ life experience informs much of his technique and knowledge of photography.”

Check out his site for more:

All the menswear, styling and creative direction was done by fashion designer Karin Hoffmann. She sells some of her womenswear collection at MILK in Long street, Cape Town. For more check out her blog:


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