Chandler House

Cape Spittoon in Yellow (love it) & Miro pillow

Left: Cape Parrot Plate (photo: Henrique Wilding) Right: One Hundred & Thirty Vase (notice the profiles of two faces)

Cape Fridge Fragments (collected from a sunken pirate ship in the Cape Harbour, ok not really)

Cape Spittoon in White & Phrenology Vase

Phrenologies (what a handsome moustache)

This morning I stumbled on a post on the House & Leisure site about Michael Chandler’s Cape Fridge Fragments. I hopped over to his site to read more about Chandler House, his small design studio.

Michael studied Art History at UCT and wants to contribute towards the revival of all things Cape. “The Cape has such a rich and unique history of design and interiors that is only starting to be tapped now. The fulcrum between the West and the Rest, Cape Town straddled, juxtaposed and wove all sorts of different pieces into its own unique song.”

Have a look at his site for more beautiful pieces or follow him on twitter.


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