Wolmer knitting. Oh, let it snow, dammit.

Big Wool Cable Cowl

      Left: Mohair Tube & Cotton Divider Right: Weave Stitch Collar (so pretty)

Photos: Donovan Fichardt Styling: Kirsten Lipschitz

Photographer: Antonia Steyn Pics from Elle Decoration Issue 73

I know it’s almost the end of winter, but when I saw these beautiful knitted cowls and collars I couldn’t resist. The following info is from Anna’s blog.

Who is Anna Loubser

A Cape Town based graphic artist, I began knitting about a two years ago. To my surprise, people liked what I made. Seeing potential, enjoying every stitch I knitted and every zany idea I was inspired to produce, I grew my evening knitting hobby into a little business called Wolmer. Named after the suburb in Pretoria where I grew up.

A uniquely Wolmer work ethic

I have three things needed to create jobs: design, skill and needles. My inspired knitters can knit at home and look after their kids at the same time. This also creates feelings of accomplishment and a new sense of self-worth among these amazing women.

A feel for design

The way things feel is very important to me. Only the best locally produced, organically dyed, 100% cotton and bamboo yarn is used to create my products. The combination of material and production makes Wolmer a socially responsible brand, leaving behind a better planet for your children.

I handcraft and personally design every item carrying the Wolmer tag, overseeing all the ladies’ knitting. My use of colour, texture, combination stitches and design is contemporary. I keep in mind what makes so many people think of knitting as tired and ugly, so that I can do the opposite. I look at new ways of constructing everyday products with the hope of recontextualising them.

Visit Anna’s blog Wolmer Knitting for more knitted toys, fashion and interior products.


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