Hey there Hey Cherry!

We featured talented fine artist Bronwen Vaughn-Evans a few posts back and this time we’re looking at her and Sam Schwarer’s whimsical brand Hey Cherry. They’re based in Durbs and you can catch them at the wonderful  I heart Market.

Sam and I formed HEYCHERRY as a fun outlet for ideas that we have outside of our day jobs. We are close friends and moms of children who are best friends, so we see each other often and always land up chatting about new ideas we wish we had time to execute.

I am a bit of a techo recluse (luddite) while Sam is great at media management, so she does most of our publicity (although I do blog posts from time to time).

If people want to purchase our products (they are posted under the products heading on our blog + prices) they should just email us on sam@heycherry.co.za and/or bron@heycherry.co.za. depending on who makes what. Potential clients can do a simple EFT and the product they want will be posted to them.

I am a fine artist (see www.vaughan-evans.co.za) by trade. I lecture part-time in the Fine Art Department of the Durban University of Technology, exhibit my work nationally (and a little internationally) and I make knick-knacks for our stall at the I HEART MARKET.

I love contemporary South African art, vintage children’s toys and books and all things contemporary craft. I am inspired by the wonderful creative people around me. People like Paul Edmunds (and his wife Heather Moore), Greg Streak, Andries Botha and Dee Donaldson are friends who inspire me to take my craft seriously, to do things beautifully whatever field I am working in. The wonderful makers at the I HEART MARKET (cupcake couture, savage jewellery, token ceramics, whimsy, and ikyaha to name a few) are also a great source of inspiration.

Have a look at their blog Hey Cherry.

Thanks Sam & Bronwen!


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