Marisa Girardi presents Bam!Boom!

Bird on Branch. Laminated bamboo board. R145. Buy it here.
Pin cushion. Laminated bamboo board. R235. Buy it here.

Forest. Laminated bamboo board. R275. Buy it here.

Television Mirror. Laminated bamboo board. R625. Buy it here.

Brownie. Laminated bamboo board. R195. Buy it here.

LP player. Laminated bamboo board. R195. Buy it here.

Calavera. Laminated bamboo board. R195. Buy it here.

Africa. Laminated bamboo board. R345. Buy it here.

Protea. Laminated bamboo board. R275. Buy it here.

Make-up Mirror. Laminated bamboo board. R465. Buy it here.

We’ve featured some of Marisa Girardi’s couchies, brooches and artwork before (two of them are still featured on our header image – the heart and the skull), but we’ve never chatted to this wonderfully talented artist and artisan from Simons Town. As you’ll see on her beautiful website there’s little that she can’t do. I was torn between featuring her jewellery, her art, her couchies, her brooches, her embroidery hoops or her linen rabbits. I eventually settled on her and Zane Harpur’s brand new sustainable line of  bamboo hangings and mirrors called Bam!Boom!

Over to Marisa:

Handmade has been a way of life for me since I was little and I like to think that after the Fantastic Age of Plastic has passed, it might become as essential a part of life as it once was, pre-industrialisation, when everyone was a maker of things. Craftsmanship has had little value in the past century and I am super-glad that over the last few years this has slowly started changing – what an exciting time to be creating! But we still have a long way to go.

 I have had no formal training and though there are many disciplines I would still love to investigate, I get great satisfaction from figuring things out for myself and coming up with my own methods of creation. I am always working on new ideas and find it impossible to stick to one thing.

 I am inspired by randomness – in nature, history, conversation and arrangement. I like things that are a little off-centre, imperfect, slightly strange, faintly crooked, have tiny irregularities, are weathered, worn and used. (A bit of symmetry here and there isn’t too bad, but it must be kept in check). I also consider daydreaming, exploring, observing, experimenting and loafing to be essential components of my creative life.

 My most recent project, in collaboration with my partner Zane, is bam!boom! I do most of the designs, which are then printed onto bamboo board and cut to shape, ready to hang on the wall. I really like designing with the bamboo surface as a negative space. It is a wonderful material with a beautiful grain and is so smooth and solid and great to experiment with. We have lots of exciting ideas for future designs!

You can order any of her products from her online shops: Marisa Girardi’ Presents and Bam!Boom!

Or join the brand new Bam!Boom! Facebook page here.

Thanks Marisa!


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