Meet illustrator Kim Longhurst

What is your background?

I have a diploma in Graphic Design from DUT which brought a smidgen of discipline to my wild ways, I am notoriously bad to teach but love to experiment and discover new techniques myself.

I am what is traditionally defined as an illustrator in the naive style. I am heavily influenced by folk art, the simple bold black line and a strong yet limited colour palette.

I crave bohemia, but am a perfectionist and my own harshest critic.

I freelanced for 8 years after a few ‘gap’ years traveling.

I love craft and have very busy hands.

I am now the proud partner in The Curators of Contemporary Craft, a bespoke design studio with international and local clients.

We specialise in identities both corporate and retail. Providing a full service from name generation through to web design.

We work with a very tight group of talented service providers who ensure our vision for our clients is fulfilled with love and attention to detail.

Local artists/artisans who inspire you? 

The Letterpress Company

An artisanal print shop dedicated to preserving the heritage of letterpress. They are wonderful people who produce beautiful luxury stationery.


Rhenda’s defined personal style combined with Nev’s talent with wood equals pure design vision. I love how they repurpose classic pieces of furniture, support local craft and their eco friendly products.

And a long list of artists/artisans (most of whom have been profiled by Handsome Things): Lauren Fowler, Skinny Laminx, Conrad Botes, Wesley van Eeden, Carla da Cruz, Jordan Metcalf, Caryn Tilbury, Tokyo GoGo, Skullboy, Nicola Savage, Amanda Laird Cherry, Richard Hart, Roger Jardine, Bronwen Vaughan-Evans, Jane du Rand, Colwyn Thomas, Andrew Verster……….

My partner Scott inspires me to always push myself further (and he makes sure I don’t commit too many crimes against good typography).

My daughter Swan inspires me to close my eyes to convention and let go of my compulsions.

Where do you live and what is a typical working day like for you? 

I live in Durban in a 1940’s semi-detached.

A typical working day involves me trying to squeeze 3 days into one.

And then another day out of the time between Swans bedtime and when I pass out.

My very common refrain is: There is Never Enough Time. I suffer from busy brain which when combined with busy hands is practically lethal.

Your favourite things?

Ooh I am a relentless collector, I love: matryoshkas, kokeshi, bambi’s(plastic and ceramic), bluebirds and swallows, The Virgin Mary, vintage postcards, floral enamelware, stationery, votives, tin toys, old wedding topper dolls, paper lanterns, mooncake moulds, English jet………..


Also check out Kim’s brand new blog

Thanks Kim!


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