A South African in London – The Fox in the Attic

Hola from Barcelona! I’m currently travelling through Spain and Portugal (eating my weight and the weight of a small donkey in tapas) and thought it fitting to showcase a South African living abroad. Meet Michelle Kreussel who lives in London and who has recently started her own little handmade business called The Fox in the Attic.

  1. What do you miss most about South Africa?

I miss the thunderstorms in the Freestate – hearing the rain on the corrugated iron roof and the fresh smell in the air once the storm has passed.  Like every South African living abroad I miss the food – there are too many to mention, but especially wonderful delicacies such as biltong, beskuit and melktert.  Most of all I miss the general feeling and atmosphere of South Africa, the people, the stories, and most of all, of course, my family and friends.

  1. What is the handmade scene like in London?

The handmade scene in London is expanding and becoming increasingly popular.  I am aware of many, many young people and young mums making their own things.  Handmade stuff is becoming popular because everybody enjoys supporting local artists and locally made crafts.  People are naturally turning against the idea of buying commercial, mass-produced items made anonymously thousands of miles away.  People also, I think, enjoy if the things they buy have a story and a meaning behind them.

  1. What is your background?

I grew up in a small town in the Freestate called Parys.  After school I decided to do a bit of travelling.  When I first came to London I immediately fell in love with it, and knew I would return.  After two years of travelling, I studied Graphic Design at The Open Window in Pretoria.  This course helped me realise that my true passions were Illustration and Fine Art.  I mounted a solo exhibition of my paintings in 2007 at Gallery 88.  The success of the exhibition encouraged me to return to London and begin the Fox In The Attic here.

  1. Where can we buy your stuff?

I have an Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFoxintheAttic?ref=pr_shop

For bespoke orders please email me: thefoxintheattic@googlemail.com

  1. Any advice/tips on running a handmade business?

Don’t be afraid, anything is possible. Networking is very important, use the Internet, Facebook, and twitter. I think most importantly, be yourself and do what you love.

Have a look Michelle’s website – http://www.thefoxintheattic.com/

Or join The Fox in The Attic’s Facebook page.

Look out for more posts of some talented Saffas making handmade things abroad!

Thanks Michelle!


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