Beautiful, mystical and enigmatic – the work of Cape Town’s own street and studio artist Faith47.

“Faith’s images reconstruct lost objects, broken-down cars, old factories and dusty side roads of forgotten towns. She investigates how humans interact with their environment, what scratches and memories they leave behind. Her interactions resonate with our fragility, with our innate understanding of symbols, dreams, textures and inevitable impermanence.”

Upcoming exhibition:

Outside – 34 Long Gallery , Cape Town
25 October – 19 November

All images via

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7 thoughts on “Faith47

  1. Have a look at this – Faith47/Rowan Pybus using Faith’s work to make a very powerful statement about South African Society using the Freedom Charter

    A lot of her work as well as that of the best street art in Johannesburg and Cape Town can be found on my Flickr site

    In the Groove

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