Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

There comes a point in a long family road trip when your tired, puffy, little eye has run out of things to spy and you’ve hoarsely sung every Barney song on Barney’s 20 Greatest Hits (six times) and you’d do anything for your kids to be quietly engaged in something that doesn’t involve setting each others’ plaits on fire or chewing a used Band-aid.

Enter the Pencil and Paper Challenge. Paper Jet‘s latest product is a beautifully illustrated book filled with games for children.

The games in this “PENCIL AND PAPER CHALLENGE” include: naughts and crosses, word searches, mazes, lines and dots and spot the difference. You can challenge your bestie and whoever wins gets a cut-out trophy included in the book.

The book is bound, illustrated and designed by Paper Jet. The paper stock used to make this book is called Cocoon Offset – you can read all about its environmentally friendly credentials here. It also comes packaged in a homemade bag.

If you’d like more info on the book contact Paper Jet:


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