Unwrapped – Bespoke textile design

image via Vamp Furniture

Mandi Garbman is a designer and fine artist from Cape Town who’s recently started her own line of textiles, wall art, tote bags etc. called Unwrapped. Let’s find out more about her cats Chi and Zen and why her boyfriend is a computer.

When did you start Unwrapped and how did it come about?

Hi Hanneke, when I tell those who are asking when Unwrapped came about, I get a blank/bewildered look staring back at me. I have only been in the public eye for 2 months now. The designing and drawing process took me 2-3 months, printing and sourcing another 2.

I had a moment in the beginning of the year where I was scaringly quiet, the right side of my brain started ticking into overdrive, picked up a pen and my sketchbook and have not looked back, not even for a second. My pen, notebook and laptop have become my best friend and boyfriend.

Where do you stock your lovely things?

I stock my products at the loveliest of shops in Cape Town.  Vamp in Woodstock – owned by Paul van Niekerk, another gem of a shop Haas in Rose Street – tess and Franscois in Cape Town and Fringe Art – Thessa and Chantal – on Kloof street Cape Town. I am looking to stock in Johannesburg in the next few months. Until then anyone interested in purchasing from outside of Cape Town can find all my details on my website www.unwrapped.co.za , I’ll be happy to speak to them directly.

Do you have any pets? (I’m a bit pet obsessed)

Such a cute question. Yes I love love love animals, if I had it my way I would have myself my very own animal farm. I have 2 really gorgeous kitties, the princess of the household is a pure white cat named Chi, who happens to think she is not of the feline genetic pool, then there is the boy cat whose name is Zen, typical boy, need I say more.

Fellow South African artisans who inspire you.

I do take my hat off to all the women out there and they know who they are, some of which I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting, from textile, jewellery, graphic to fashion design, all of whom are single handedly making a success of their label. One lady, in particular, that springs to mind is Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx.

Thanks so much Mandi!


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