Kittens with mittens, I’m smitten




I recently received one of those emails that just make your week. No not the one where I was told I have a distant cousin in Lagos who’s left me an obscene amount of money and all she needs is my banking details, ID number and pin code in order to transfer the money, it was simply a link to a blog. I immediately thought of that terrible, terrible, terrible R&B song, “Kiss me through the phone,” because I wanted to give this person a virtual hug through the internet. (I’m currently working on the lyrics of my R&B debut single, “Hug me through the internet”.  It’s gonna be big).

After my virtual hug was over I immediately contacted the talented Mariet Vosloo from the delightful Kittens with Mittens to tell us more about her handsome fur kids and her handmade label Poncho. Over to Mariet.

I share a home with two gorgeous cats, Bobby and Snoekie, a beautiful puppy named Morris and two awesome guys, Rouleaux (my boyfriend) and Andries. The guys and I met while studying at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography and then ended up living together in Cape Town. It’s really great to have two creative people around whose opinions I value. They keep me motivated and are always keen to share ideas.

My love for handmade things started when I was little. My mom was constantly busy making cool things and always involved my sister and I in her crafty projects.

Embroidery soon became a passion which led to me starting my own label, Poncho. I’m crazy about animals, especially my own furkids who are my main source of inspiration.

My brooches are very detailed and take many hours to complete, so I never have a lot of pieces available and therefore don’t stock any shops. I do however have a little shop section on my blog and also love doing custom orders.

Thanks Mariet!


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