Go on, create something Handsome.

I’m a voracious reader of anything that has to do with creativity, branding and creative development. From time to time I’d like to share some passages with you to help inspire and enthuse you to create beautiful things.

So many people who read this blog should be painting, making, stitching, writing, sculpting and doodling, but they’re not. These posts will attempt to help them give their creative muse a little poke in the ribs.

The following quotes from Seth Godin’s latest book We are all Weird sums up what I would like the Handsome Things community to be all about:

“Consider the tragic case of Van Gogh. He sold only one painting in his lifetime, and he lived in isolation, sure that his work was being (and always will be) shunned. Imagine the impact on his life and art if he had been connected to a burgeoning circle of fans and fellow artists.

When an artist (not just a painter, but anyone creating new ideas and new work) is able to have his work amplified, it changes him and also raises the bar for those that would follow.

When you don’t feel alone, it’s easier to be weird.

Weird (not normal) means that you’ve made a choice, that you’ve stood up for what you believe in and done what you want, not what the marketer wants.

The key element of being weird is this: you insist on making a choice.”

I’d like you to choose to create something weird today.


6 thoughts on “Go on, create something Handsome.

  1. Working in a sometimes dreary, dull corporate world, I want you to know that your blog inspires my creative side and gives me much viewing pleasure. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Sarah, it’s wonderful to hear that. I hope to bring lots of beautiful, weird, creative things to your screen.

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