The lovely Whimsy 2012 calendar

The Aardvarks of August

The jack-rabbits of January

A November Narwhal (Unicorn of the Sea)

July’s Joeys

Fine-furred Foxes of February

April’s Anteater

Amelia Jane Smith is a talented illustrator living in Durbs. She creates everything from T-shirts to tea cup decorations, wall decals, prints and trinkets and her enchanting new calender will make it difficult to say goodbye to a month.

Tea cup decorations

“Amelia studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town. Ready for a career in high-brow art appreciation, she was surprised to stumble upon a small, winged girl with a tag-a-long menagerie in the pages of her sketchbook…

Thus whimsy twinkled to life, sparked by childhood fascinations with rowing boats, moths, gumboots, light houses, grass-stained knees, flying machines, swashbuckling, magic and adventure maps!”

Order your calendar from or have a look at her whimsical website


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