The Cake League. Hell yeah.

When I first saw The Cake League‘s new “Sielsgesiggies” range I felt a bit faint. If I were in a Jane Austen novel I would drop my hanky and press the back of my hand against my forehead whilst my gentleman caller rushed forward to help me to the settee. But I’m not, I’m in Jo’burg and if I drop anything my dogs will chew it.

So there were no theatrics, just a quick email to our next talented Port Elizabeth(eans) Nicholas and Grace Galuszynski. Over to them:

“Almost exactly 1 year ago in little windy Port Elizabeth where fokall happens, we (brother and sister undergrad and postgrad design students, Nicholas and Grace Galuszynski) were hard-up for cash to
fund our ‘creative interests’ and prevent an impending death of sheer boredom.

We had an idea to unite our drawings with laser beams and chains to create the magical spice that everyone needs around their neck spaces… with a maximum of 3 of each design being produced because,
obviously, individual selfness is of utmost importance to us.

Since then, we have fully funded our initial ‘creative interests’ and now use all our profits to develop our skill sets as alchemists of creative expression (Sielsgesiggies is the 3rd range). Now we have moved up from the Kraal at uni and are throwing a tea party with Sliced Bread Gallery and Silver Spoon Clothing who stock our once-offs or one-of-threes complete with poem and illustration per piece (you can also e-mail or find us on Facebook).

PS: Why brass? We wanted to use copper (80% used in the world is recycled, plus it’s antimicrobial) but no-one in P.E has a water-jet cutting device, so we settled for industrial grade sheets of the

Thanks Nicholas and Grace! Check out Grace’s blog or join the Cake League’s Facebook page.


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