Stephanie & Norman Nanimal

Our third talented artist from Port Elizabeth is Stephanie Simpson. Her monsters, bears and bunnies have stolen my heart and replaced it with a roller skate.

Stephanie Simpson (née van Vuuren) was born in Uitenhage, a very small village just outside of Port Elizabeth. After finishing school, she escaped to study art at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth and found herself most comfortably placed in Fine Art as a 3-dimensional illustrator.

She is best know for her hand sewn family of Nanimals made from scraps of material collected from ventures to old ladies’ cupboards and people’s garages. She completed her degree in Fine Art, Illustration in 2010 and now works as an assistant lecturer at the art school while researching for her Masters in Illustration.

She enjoys spending large amounts of hours in her studio with her most famous character and best friend, Norman Nanimal (*indigenously known as Bushycathigersquill) where together, they make up fanciful children’s stories for adults based on their adventures in the imaginary land of Nastraliam. Stephanie works vigorously in any old medium but has recently rediscovered the wonders of a fat 8B pencil on aged paper and her typewriter.

 You can contact Stephanie on:

Or befriend Norman Nanimal on Facebook.

You can also see more of her work here:

Thanks Stephanie! (and a special thanks to Sliced Bread Gallery in PE for helping me find all these wonderful artists)


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