An army of Boobeloobies

I stumbled on Wilmarie Viljoen’s plushies on the Etsy South Africa page on Facebook and contacted her to tell us more about her Boobeloobies. (yes that sounds strange)

What is your background?

I grew up in Pretoria in now live in Noordheuwel in Krugersdorp, Jhb with my husband Johan and my little boy of 2 ½  years named Wian.

I’m actually an artist, I paint in acrylics and water colours, but haven’t had the time the last couple of years.  Still, I needed something to keep me occupied, as I’m a stay at home mommy.

How did you start the Boo!beloobie range?

I’m a bit of a whacky soul, everybody I know I have a nickname for, and I use it, and that is where I got the idea of making a range of very unique, 100 % handmade kids toys/decoration called the BOO!beloobie range.  BOO!beloobie being one of the many nicknames I have for my son!

I started with a rabbit, and people noticed.  Then I got the idea to try out some new critters, and I drew them up, then worked on the patterns, and then made a prototype, which finally turned into the finished products.

I now have an extensive range, and I’m still working on the next ideas.  This year I will also be starting with a painting range that will coincide with the plushies….and also some more unique water colour pieces that will follow a certain pattern, which will be coming soon!  Will be working on a authentic ‘lappop’ in the new year!

I love my little boy, and making these plushies not only gave me an outlet to stay sane whilst being in the company of just kiddies stuff all day long, cartoons being the main feature.  It also gave me an opportunity to make something unique, that people have never seen in any commercial shops.  And the best thing is, I can make one of a kind versions of my toys for people…..I ask people’s opinions, and give them some creative freedom so they feel as part of the project as I am.

Where can we buy your toys?

My toys are currently featured at Hearts Delight in Noordheuwel in Krugersdorp and Eau-la-la Art Café and Trends in Pretoria.

I’m also doing heART in the Garden from the 25th to the 27th of November, as well as “Kamers vol Geskenke”  with Eau-la-la from the 28th up until the 3rd of December, both of these stunning lifestyle markets being in Centurion , Pretoria.

All my links!


My Etsy shop

My Luulla store


Thanks Wilmarie!


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