Limited edition Christmas Cards

This year we’re all going to buy our Christmas pressies from talented friends, neighbours, craft shops and local artists and artisans, right? So skip the CNA cards and get these stylish limited edition Christmas Cards designed by architect Kate Jollye.

“I was looking for a project after having a great time designing the stationary for my recent wedding.  I had such enthusiastic responses to it that I was encouraged to try something more. The cards developed after a chat with fellow design lover and now cousin, Mia Widlake of Number 19 (fabulous person and blog) who remarked that Christmas was a great opportunity to make things.  These cards mark the beginning of a few projects which I will be exploring.

The cards and simple and clean, with wording broken up by laser-cut shapes and text.  As quality is always important, I chose thick textured papers and warm grey envelopes.  The concept takes lines from Christmas carols, to which I gave my own interpretation.   The cards are a bit of fun that I think embody a contemporary Christmas experience.”

Contact details:

Kate is Pretoria based, but she can arrange for postal to anywhere.

All images via

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