Brak furniture

Television Cabinet R2500

Left: Filing Cabinet R1190 Right: Walnut Chest of Drawers R2750

Television Cabinet R2500

Right: Vereeniging Hotel bedside Tables R1250 each (love the name!)

Kidney Table R450

Finally some cool upcycled and custom made furniture right here in Jo’burg. Those of you who’ve been to the Market on Main recently would’ve seen these great retro pieces by Brak Furniture.  Screenwriters by day, furniture designers/restorers by night Wolfgang Muller and Zoe Laband have worked double shift to bring us Brak.

 Do you design and make the furniture yourselves?

We design and make a lot of the furniture ourselves. My dad, a Swiss cabinet maker, actually does the manufacturing, and we do the design. The rest of the furniture are pieces that I have upcycled myself and are one-offs.

How did you decide to take the plunge, I believe you’re screenwriters by day?

We started upcycling pieces for fun and relaxation, as it’s a different type of creativity to writing, which occurs entirely in your head. Part of the fun with Brak is actually getting your hands dirty. We then got so many pieces that we decided to sell them at Market on Main on Sundays at the Main Street Life complex and the response was really good. Before we knew it, the company was born. Because my dad is a cabinet maker, we realised we didn’t have to limit ourselves to upcycling and he joined us in our company. We then started making our own pieces. As our company grows, we’re really going to focus on creating more designs.

Where can we buy your furniture? (Any plans for a store?)

Right now, we’re selling primarily off of our website – but we can deliver anywhere in SA. We also have a stand at Market on Main on Sundays if you want to see the furniture first hand. A retail space is on the cards for the future, but we’re only 6 months old so all in good time!

Thanks Wolfgang and Zoe!

You can join their Facebook page here.


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