Hauntingly beautiful Illustration by Quintin Weyer

Wow. Spooky, fantastical and beautiful. Young illustrator Quintin Weyer chats to Handsome Things about some of his upcoming projects.

What is your background and what are you up to now?

Well I just finished 3rd year at NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) in PE where I studied fine art and illustration. At the moment I am selling prints and trying to find some freelance work. I’m quite a newcomer, and I’m really looking for work and trying to establish a career as a freelance illustrator.

Any upcoming projects?

I am not studying this year and I have plans to make some sculptures of my work as well as doing some pieces on wood. I have been working with the wood burner tool and some interesting things should be coming out soon.

I am also focusing on my music this year. I been working on combing my songs with my illustrations. I enjoy how music can be linked to my illustrations, and how it changes the viewing experience.

Thanks, Quintin, it’s inspiring to see such awesome young talent.

Check out Quintin’s blog for more work: http://itsmytreehouseokay.tumblr.com/

You can contact him for freelance work at quintinweyers@gmail.com


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