Newclr Online Urban Gallery

Ouroboros by Lauren Fowler

Quasar by Lauren Fowler

The Iron Duel by The Given

Mathambo by Riot

Newclr is an independent gallery and studio located at 70 Juta Street, the bustling design hub in Braamfontein. The gallery stocks a variety of urban and modern pieces incorporating photography, illustration, paint work, graphic design and typography. They now also have an online gallery where you can buy prints from local artists such as Kronk, Lauren Fowler, Riot and many more.

“NewClr is run by Darren Coulter and Jonty Harbinson, who create the majority of artwork on display, but the gallery is also an easel for up and coming artists looking for a point of exposure. We are a space which opened as a part of the resurgence and desire to take back the city, drench it in colour and leave our mark on her streets. The physical gallery is the base for NewClr, but our online gallery is our newest gateway… exposing SA art to the world one click at a time.”

Check out their website:


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