Nina Say Cheese Kids’ photography

Vanessa Lewis is a Jo’burg based food photographer who decided to venture into the world of kids’ photography when she couldn’t find any photographers she liked to photograph her two year old daughter Nina. She decided to set up a studio in Fourways with magical sets and the most adorable props to capture some truly unique moments.

Nina Say Cheese portraits aim to capture less posed shots and more spontaneous moments that really bring to life your child’s delightful character. Portraits are taken against beautiful bespoke sets. Children are professionally styled and wear specially sourced items that match the themed world in which they will be captured.  Children are then encouraged to completely lose themselves in make-believe and shots are taken almost without their knowing. A fun and exciting experience for both mom and bunny.”


9 thoughts on “Nina Say Cheese Kids’ photography

  1. WOW , this is probably the best kid photography out there at the moment . A new and better Anne Geddes . Watch how VAnessa is going to be copied , or at least they’ll try !

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