Mariëtte Bergh – Bare your Bones

On Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with artist Mariëtte Bergh and her three dogs as she prepares for her upcoming exhibition entitled Bare your Bones. Mariëtte is known for her beautiful reverse-glass paintings and this exhibition also includes some work that combine reverse-glass with ink drawings on wood. My photos don’t do her stunning work justice, so make sure you don’t miss her exhibition at ROOM, 70 Juta Precinct, Braamfontein.

OPENING 15 March at 18:00.
The exhibition runs from 15 March – 14 April 2012.

“BARE YOUR BONES is an introspective collection of work exploring disenchantment during the transition from whimsical youth to responsible adult. Whereas some accept this transition, many resist it for a period or indefinitely, but the merciless nature of time isn’t kind to such individuals and is usually the motivation behind eventual submission. How does one ‘grow-up’ without losing the magic of a youthful spirit? The exhibition alludes specifically to the experience of the artist herself, and to that of misfits and bohemians.”

Thanks Mariëtte!


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