Jared Odell Furniture & Design

If you attended the Design Indaba Expo you would’ve come across Jared Odell Furniture and Design. His Fulbrite range has been inspired by mid-century Modernism and Bauhaus design. They have combined solid Scandinavian birch plywood with bent powder coated sheet metal. You also have the option to choose your favourite colour for powder coating.

 “Jared Odell is a born and bred Cape Town based, South African designer. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and went off to work for one of the most recognisable international design firms in South Africa. Jared designed for some of the biggest international brands in the world, both locally and internationally.

After a few years in the corporate world of design, Jared Odell has taken the leap to go out on his own, and “Jared Odell Furniture & Design” is the result of this move. Adventure, Style, Beauty, Freedom and Individuality are the driving creative forces behind Jared Odell. His desire to create something beautiful yet classic and timeless is the goal of Jared Odell Furniture & Design.

Images and text via http://www.jaredodell.co.za/


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