K&i Letterpress & Design

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K&i is an independent Cape Town based graphic design studio owned and managed by South African born Karl, and Ida from Sweden. In 2010, after 7 years working in London, Karl and Ida relocated to South Africa to establish K&i Design Studio.

We are a creative design studio specialising in graphic design and illustration for print and online. We have a real passion for creating handmade and honest work; it simply makes us happy inside. Our aim is to enjoy every day and produce engaging/innovative design.

Apart from design, Karl and Ida love to go on bike rides, spend time in their veggie garden, take walks on the beach, go to art galleries, look at slides on their old Kodak Carousel projector and make old school – new school.

To learn more about Karl and Ida, check out their Blog, join their Facebook page or visit their website.

Thanks Ida and Karl!

Images via http://www.kandi.co.za/


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