Design. Mate. Wallpapers and Designs.

Handsome Things chatted to young Interior designer Shara-Lee Mordt about Design. Mate, her new line of wallpaper designs.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Shara-Lee Mordt, I’m 23 years of age.

I qualified as an Interior designer in 2009 at the University of Johannesburg. After my studies, I was lucky enough to get an internship at Elle Decoration magazine, where I learnt a great deal about design and specifically all the great designers that SA has to offer.

How did you get started?

So, after working at Elle Decoration, I worked at various design companies but then decided that I was going to take my studies further. I started studying Chemical Engineering at Wits (I really don’t know why and how I thought this would be for me) where I was not happy at all:)

My uncle who is in the printing business let me use one of his older printers, so during my free time while studying, I just started doing my designs and printing them to see what they would look like. After seeing that they came out really well on print I decided that Engineering really was NOT for me and that’s how I
came to starting Design.Mate.

The collection I started on the site is just the works that I have done up until now, but I would Love to collaborate with people and companies in doing unique and custom designs.

Other South African designers who inspire you?

I was based in Johannesburg and got to work with and meet quite a few of these amazing designers who really inspired me to go ahead and do my own designs. A lot of these designers and creatives inspired me, but to name a few: Katy and Adriaan from Dokter and Misses, also Andrea Kleinloog for Anatomy Design. Works done by Peet Van Straaten from RAW studios are also really beautiful. Lastly, Porky Hefer. I love his idea of collaborative work between fellow designers. His work is just great!

Advice for other designers who are thinking of taking the plunge and starting their own lines?

My advice to someone who wants to start their own venture is to get out there and see what’s in the industry and what you can do to add to it in a positive way. It’s also great finding sites like Handsome Things:) who are there to promote and support design in SA! Just do what you are passionate about and you’ll be happy doing it:)

Thanks Shara!


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