Nest Homegrown Decor & Design

Handsome Things chatted to Kathryn du Toit and Sam Boylan from the lovely Nest Homegrown.

When and how did you get started?

I met Sam through a decor store he used to own in Durban called ‘re-store’….I just loved his sense of style and over time we ended up becoming BFF’s……he even introduced me to my hubby and is Godfather to our Daughter. We have always inspired each other creatively and finally after 10 years, decided to collaborate, and design and create our own products…….hence Nest was born.

What inspires you?

We love useful and practical things, with clever, quirky designs…..and we appreciate good homegrown quality….and I’m sure you can guess by looking at our website, we love a splash of colour……

Where can we buy your lovely things?

The products are designed by us and everything is sourced and made locally….We are currently stocking a few stores in KZN, but if you would like a pricelist or to place an order, you can contact either Sam or myself on our emails or

For more awesome products check out their website

Thanks Kathryn and Sam!


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