The new Essie press online shop

If you love letterpress like I love letterpress you’ll love the new Essie Press online shop. I’ve featured the lovely Essie Letterpress here before, but here’s a recap.

“Essie letterpress is a husband and wife design and print team, living and working on a beautiful flower farm close to Citrusdal. All of our work is custom designed – we work closely with our client to achieve a look that they are happy with.

All of our work is printed individually on a manually operated 1964 German Proofing Press. The letterpress punches the designs into the paper creating a beautiful relief not achieved with other kinds of printing. A clean, crisp look is achieved that can be both seen and felt. The cards have a handcrafted feel to them, which makes them different to cards printed on a more modern printing machine. Letterpress is a time and labour intensive process, but it is also a real labour of love for us.”

Check out the shop:


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