Handsome Things chatted to Riesa Steyn owner of Millk. Millk is well known for their unique hand carved pieces, but they also stock a wide range of fashion, décor and lifestyle products.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am Riesa, creator and owner of Millk. I grew up in a small arty town, Hartbeespoort. The creative juices weren’t really flowing during my school years and my focus was mostly on the famous old analytical subjects. After school I slogged it out at UP, studied law (LLB AND BCOM), got admitted as an attorney – didn’t really like the “black and white” chess inspired uniforms, so I did my teaching diploma and taught high school and primary school kids for a while. This was more fulfilling in the sense that I had the opportunity to inspire and mould ideas through kids (who, by the way, are super creative).

During my second year of teaching I opened a small shop in Pretoria. My free time was spent on this creative corner and so the ideas started to develop. At this stage we are in the fortunate position of creating, designing, producing and sourcing our products on both a retail and wholesale level.

Our wood items are crafted from solid wood in and around the Jacaranda city, Pretoria. Our Indian “block printing” inspired stamps and brooches are carved by hand and display some of our own original designs. We aspire to create playful, colorful and unique styles.

Visit our website or blog and drop us a mail to say hi.


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