Tigermouse Tailored Wooden Lettering

I love the beautiful bespoke wooden lettering by Tigermouse Design.

Tigermouse Design was established by Andrew & Marija Van Rensburg, two freelance graphic designers who have a great appreciation for tangible designs. After months of planning and preparation Tigermouse Design was released from its cage in August 2011, with a desire to see unique wooden lettering made available in South Africa and the world.”

The process:

“Tigermouse Design focuses on true craftsmanship with all our words being handcrafted. Each word takes shape on-screen using our preferred selection of typefaces. The final design is printed and transferred by hand to the wood surface, giving a clear line for the trusted Bosch jigsaw to follow along.

The word is meticulously cut out, ensuring no rugged edges. An electric sander is then used to smooth everything out. And after a thorough wipe and possible splash of paint or polish your Tigermouse piece is good to go!”



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